ICYMI: The library makes unexpected changes over winter break

Collage by Melkorka Tómasdóttir  '17

Collage by Melkorka Tómasdóttir '17

After spending days, weeks, or possibly the entire month in the library leading up to conference week, SLC students have grown accustomed to the building named after Esther Raushenbush. Upon return from break, students were startled to find parts of the library space entirely changed.

The biggest change of all is the student computer lab has moved from the lower level to the third floor. The computer lab, along with the electronic classrooms, were moved to make space for the IT team, who are moving to the library later this semester. The two electronic classrooms, E-1 and E-2, have been moved to two separate floors. E-1 is where the Help Desk used to be, while E-2 is next to where the periodicals were. The Help Desk itself has been moved to the first floor quiet space but will be moved back downstairs after the IT team have been relocated.

“The new computer lab is not serving the student body well,” says Melkorka Tómasdóttir ’17. “There was a lack of computers before, and now there are even fewer. Where did they go?” 

Bobbie Smolosw, head of technical services at the library, says that objections to the new computer lab’s location have been heard. “We are planning to supplement the lab with additional computers is other areas of the library,” says Smolosw.

Library renovations are sure to continue as new projects continue to arise and the library responds to them. New projects are planned by student committees, which have both undergraduate and graduate students on them.

Besides just space changes, the library has also started streaming reserve films for courses. So far the library is only testing the service with one class. Right now students can stream the films for the course by accessing the link within MySLC. If the streaming works out for the class, the library will make it a more accessible change in the future.

Smolosw and the library want to hear students’ opinions on the library’s changes and other changes that the library could implement. “If [students] have any questions or suggestions they should feel free to come see me,” Smolosw adds.

by Sarah McEachern '17


Art by Melkorka Tómasdóttir '17
Instagram: @korkimon


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