Coats in the Closet: Spring Accessories Around Campus

A hysterical comedian named Drew Droege, known for his spot-on impressions of Proenza Schouler muse Chloe Sevigny, discusses the importance of accessories in one of his short YouTube skits. While reminiscing about last season’s second annual Sesquicentennial Rare Book Burning and Tea Dance, she notes a chance encounter with Brendan Sexton III. Sevigny, admiring Sexton’s outfit, remarks that, “despite the fact I was wearing a stymied halter by Maria Cornejo and a side-zipped bridge by Yumi, he simply said to me, ‘nice accessories’.” Despite Sevigny’s impressive array of accessories designed by Alexis Bittar, Sexton’s comment made her realize the importance of accessories.

While the weather in Los Angeles allows men and women alike to don and flaunt their accessories year-round, we New Yorkers take spring as our coming out—our reminder that accessories are, indeed, important. Now that we can ditch the oversized coats we’ve survived in over the past few frigid months, we start to see the unique accents of SLC students’ style.

I spent a sunny day in the beginning of April to find some fellow students who have emerged from the deep freeze in cool cuts, neutral tones and flashy accents. Soaking in the warmth on the terrace of the Pub, I noticed Amina Smith (‘16), enjoying lunch outdoors. Her outfit begged to be photographed. After snapping a few shots of her, she gave me some insight into her spring style: “So right now, we’re experiencing a transition period with the weather. During this time, I usually like to take my winter wardrobe and spice it up with new accessories.” I took a few more photos, stopping to comment on her boots. She smiled and said, “I like to break out the ankle boots, blazers for that last bit of layering and light wash denim.” The snakeskin print of her boots complimented the tight knit of her turtleneck and the cut of her mid-waisted jeans. 

After letting Smith return to her lunch, I wandered over to the library, in search of other students bringing their accessory A-Game. Inside, Olivia Ratzch (‘15) caught my attention, quietly studying at one of the desks in the main hall. I asked her if she was interested in being photographed and five minutes later, she emerged from the library wearing a calf-length coat, low-hanging shoulder bag, and sunglasses. “Oversized sunglasses and hobos work well with the lines of simple cotton or silk tops and fitted cotton trousers,” she said as she shifted onto one of her worn-in white sneakers, which added a comfortable, casual accent to her outfit. Noting the chilly gusts of wind, she said, “On cooler days, like today, I opt for thin-lapelled cotton or wool coats in neutral colors,” referring to the oversized camel hair coat she had on.

After taking a host of photos, I stepped into the shade to flip through some of the options. While I picked a few of my favorites, Charlotte Droescher (‘15), walked out of the library, catching my attention. I was struck by the differences in her spring style and asked if I could photograph her. Reminiscent of the NYC All-Girls Schools’ uniforms, Droescher told me she, “prefers dark colors accented by warm neutrals,” which was apparent in her white blouse tucked into a high-waisted plaid skirt in different hues of red and green. Her overstuffed black patent backpack and large gold hoops complimented each other effortlessly. The true gem of her outfit was a “sad girl” choker-style gold charm necklace adorned with pot leaves.

Determined to find a guy who knew how to accessorize, I was relieved to find Ousman Chi (‘17) searching for a book at one of the reference computers. I asked him if I could take some pictures of his ‘90s-meets-’00s style. Ousman wore a patterned Henley and slim black jeans, highlighted by bright white kicks, a vintage turquoise and white windbreaker and black backpack flung over his shoulder. Completing his early spring look, Chi sported an ocean blue baseball cap, which meshed perfectly with his overall color scheme.

With temperatures beginning to reach into the mid-60s and low 70s, we should expect a parade of spring accessories in flashy metals and bright pastels, adding an eye-catching accent to the popular neutral tones of expertly cut tops and bottoms. I encourage everyone to find some fun accessories either packed away at home or at a favorite store, and add them to daily outfits in an effort to change things up on a daily basis. You would be surprised what the right accessories can do for an already stylish outfit. Fashion reservations are for the birds—get out there and try something new! Confidence can make almost any outfit work.

By Joseph Gregory ‘17

SLC Phoenix

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