Quiet Spaces: The Best Spots to Visit on Campus

During the first few months of school, as students get settled in to the new year, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the chaos. At first, the socializing and meeting new people can seem exhilarating, but after a while, even the biggest extrovert can begin to feel burnt out. One dangerous side effect of living on campus is that there are very few places to hide when you need to be alone. Especially in a suburban campus with residences so close to classrooms, one must sleep next to where they take classes and take classes only steps away from a comfortable and cozy bed. With some students in doubles and triples, even a bedroom might not provide you with the privacy you need. For that very reason, listed below are some of the best indoor and outdoor spots for the moments of quiet and privacy you might need during the next few weeks.

Secluded picnic table in the area outside the New Dorms known as ‘Narnia’.   Photo by Janaki Chadha ’17

Secluded picnic table in the area outside the New Dorms known as ‘Narnia’. Photo by Janaki Chadha ’17


Located on the lawn next next to Rothschild, a tree drapes over an ever-changing series of benches and tables. Through out the years, fading and splintered benches are replaced by other seating, which then proceeds to immediately deteriorate. The state of the seating in this particular spot is not its main attraction, but instead the focus is its complete privacy. Especially during the nighttime, those that walk through the lawn on a back road short cut to the street, will often hear mysterious laughter or small crowds playing music. Though these noises seem to come from the trees themselves, in reality, it’s just the sound of people enjoying themselves under its cloak of privacy. When they are not present, take the opportunity to take refugee in its branches. Though it may take some parting of branches and careful navigating to find a sweet spot to settle down in its well worth the journey. The perfect time for this place is early autumn. The summer can be buggy and the tree its is the most beautiful with the foliage is at its peak.

The Wellness Room, located in SLC’s Health and Wellness Center.   Photo by Ariela Brody ’16

The Wellness Room, located in SLC’s Health and Wellness Center. Photo by Ariela Brody ’16

Wellness Room  

For those looking for some year round, VIP treatment, look into the Wellness Room, located at the SLC Health and Wellness Center. Though not perticulalry scenic or spacious, its ideal for those looking for a little more organized stress relief. The wellness room’s exclusivity is due to its part to it’s limited access. To use the facility, you need to make an appointment on the health services website. Once in the room, however, you are guaranteed thirty minutes of peace and quiet. Inside the room are both multiple mindfulness recordings, as well as a full spectrum natural light for those in need of some extra sunshine or light therapy. Light therapy is supposed to help with sleep disorders, mood, improve circulation and give an over all sense of well being. The light therapy can be especially beneficial during the long winter months. Especially cozy as a refuge from the cold, the wellness room is not utilized as often as it should be making appointments easy to come by.

The Spiritual Space, located in Bates, features a library of religious and spiritual texts.   Photo by Janaki Chadha ’17

The Spiritual Space, located in Bates, features a library of religious and spiritual texts. Photo by Janaki Chadha ’17

Spiritual Space

Though individuals at Sarah Lawrence each practice their spirituality in various ways, the spiritual space offer quiet in a different context than the other locations. Meant to help Sarah Lawrence students explore their spirituality and connect with their respective faith, this space is one of the few locations where calm and quiet is almost guaranteed. Located on the 00 level of Bates, it can be reserved for meetings of religious groups but most of the time people use this space for personal religious exploration. Inside the room itself you can find everything from a library of religious and spiritual texts, to faux candles and other ceremonial items. Though the basement location can be a little tricky to access, the best way to find the space itself is entering the door opposite the front of the science center.

Parts of the Bronx River Greenway close to SLC can offer welcome dive into nature.   Photo by Ariela Brody ’16

Parts of the Bronx River Greenway close to SLC can offer welcome dive into nature. Photo by Ariela Brody ’16

Bronxville Walking Path

One of the most extensive options to be alone in the outdoors, the Bronxville walking path, otherwise known as the Bronx River Greenway, stretches 23 miles along the Bronx river throughout both Westchester and Bronx counties. Though these trails are disconnected and not the easiest to access as a whole, there is an easily accessible portion, a 4.6 miles loop next to Palmer Road in Bronxville. This trail is not technically part of the Sarah Lawrence campus, but that fact might make it one of Sarah Lawrence College’s best hiding places. Even better if you have a bike, this trail is also perfectly lovely for experiencing a little peace of nature without the danger of running into anyone. Following along the Bronx River, there are multiple scenic underpasses and wooden bridges to maneuver through.

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