Welcome to your new home! Take a tour of SLC's residence halls

photo courtesy Ellie Brumbaum '17

photo courtesy Ellie Brumbaum '17

One of the most annoying things that Sarah Lawrence fails to inform incoming students about is dormitory situations. They tell you what room you will be living in and how many roommates you will have, but there is no real way to see the space that you will be living in. Never fear! The Phoenix is here with a photo tour of Sarah Lawrence residences! We've included photos of as many of the dorms that incoming students will occupy as possible—many of which have students in them to help you visualize yourselves in your new homes. Welcome to SLC, folks!

Hill House

Hill House dorms are apartment style. All have kitchens, bathrooms, and multiple bedrooms. While some have common rooms, some do not. 

New Dorms (Rothschild, Garrison, & Tweed)

New dorms are closer to the traditional dormitory style of most college campuses. These buildings are modern with rooms lining both sides of long hallways. These rooms are non-adjoining and have their own closets. While Rothschild has apartments similar to those of Hill House with their own bathrooms, Garrison and Taylor have communal bathrooms at the end of each hallway.

Old Dorms (MacCracken, Titsworth, Dudley Lawrence, & Gilbert)

It's hard to capture the charm of these residence halls. They are old, but full of stories. Each room is a slightly different shape. The pictures above come from Titsworth, the all female building, but Dudley Lawrence, MacCracken, and Gilbert (substance free housing) are similar. Unlike the new dorms, theThere are no hall bathrooms in these buildings: instead, rooms are paired together with bathrooms that connect them. This means that you only share a bathroom with your roommates and the residents of the room next to yours. 


Ellie Brumbaum

Ellie Brumbaum

The residence hall in Westlands has some of the most unique rooms on campus. They feature all wood floors and funky architecture that makes for cozy corners and excellent study spaces. This hall is substance free, quiet housing and has communal hall bathrooms.


Lynd is, in my opinion, the most beautiful dorm on campus. Many of the rooms used to shelve books for the mansion that Lynd was converted from. This dorm is famously known as the "Yoko Ono Dorm" because she lived here during her time at SLC. It has beautiful mahogany wood paneling and flooring, and is right across from Sarah Lawrence's green house.

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