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When Sarah Lawrence students returned to campus this fall, Hill House’s Hill2Go had made some drastic changes. Along with a new organic “kitchen” and a fully restocked freezer of Ben & Jerry’s was the promise of a worthwhile meal swipe—a box of condoms. Would you rather eat or satisfy your sexual appetite?

SLC recently taken to responded to the comment notes left by many students. Many complained about the inaccessibility of condoms at Hill2Go. Now, Hill2Go offers one box of condoms for the price of one meal plan swipe.

“If the sex is going well I shouldn’t have to pay for my own meal… so condoms,” said Tyler Noel (‘17) Whereas some students like Noel will enthusiastically trade a meal plan for condoms, others would rather use meal money instead. Luca Parker (‘17)  said that he “would never use a meal plan for condoms, only meal money.” The price of meal plan swipe is not worth the small box of condoms for all though. “I order bulk off Amazon” said Kelly Roldan (‘17)

Making condoms readily available is not actually a far fetched idea. Some colleges sell condoms in vending machines that also have food and beverages. Though many college health centers, including SLC’s, have free condoms, their hours of operation typically range from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. That strict schedule limits the availability of condoms for students.

“SLC is an open-minded community that wants to keep its students safe and have services available without judgment,” said Emily Dusic (’17), a former Hill House resident. To both students and staff, the new change is not so much about making a statement but rather about being provident, offering students a beneficial product and making it readily available.

Some hall RA’s provide condoms for free in special envelopes attached to their doors; however, not all RA’s do so, and many others quickly run out. Despite the normalization of conversations on contraceptive method, buying condoms can be an uncomfortable process. Thankfully, this addition to Hill2Go will facilitate access to protection for students. “In college, with the mix of alcohol and the desire to hook up, it’s important to have resources available that are easily accessible,” Dusic said. “It’s the same as having access to flu shots and other things that make us healthy.”

The decision to add the condoms have already been approved, the boxes have been lined up next to bottles of 5 hour energy and Colgate toothpaste. Even the employees of AVI agree with the decision. Jasmine Onofre, a Hill2Go worker, explained, “I think it’s good because we all know college kids have sex and it’s better that they're protected.”

The brand provided at Hill2Go is called Sir Richard’s Condom Company. The purple and white boxes come with three condoms in a variety of choices including extra thin, ribbed and, for the more adventurous, dotted. They are chemical free and made from an all natural latex. In addition, the condoms have been PETA-approved and Vegan-certified — these condoms are made for SLC students. SLC also chose these healthy reproductive product because they have a charitable consciousness. For every condom they sell, the company donates one to a community in need.  You can pick up your very own for $4.99 down in the lobby of Hill House from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. every night. With shelves stocked with one brand (one size fits all), it is up to the students to make the smart decision and protect themselves.

by Shelby Krog '17


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