Sarah Lawrence Remembers 9/11

Attendees gathered around the Westlands flagpole Sunday morning. Photo credit: Jamie Jordan '19

Attendees gathered around the Westlands flagpole Sunday morning. Photo credit: Jamie Jordan '19

Fifteen years after the devastating terrorist attacks, members of the Sarah Lawrence College community gathered to honor those affected by September 11, 2001.

“We have to remember all the lives who were killed but also all the lives that were sacrificed, made by those who tried to help,” retired Major Jose Texidor told the Phoenix.
Sunday morning, attendees gathered around the Westlands flagpole to watch as members of Lincoln High School’s Junior ROTC raised and lowered the colors to half-staff. A Sarah Lawrence College first-year, Colan McGill, read the flight times and time of impact, ringing a bell for each flight.
The ceremony also featured Texidor who discussed his and others’ experiences. He now serves as the senior marine instructor at Lincoln High School.

The event was co-sponsored by the Office of College Events and the Office of Public Safety. However, Assistant Vice President for Purchasing and Security, Larry Hoffman, says first-year James Hobayan deserved all the credit. 

“The college community owes James a debt of gratitude for taking on all of the planning involved in this year’s 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony,” Hoffman said. “He pulled all the pieces together to make this very important event a special one.”

“The worst casualty for anything, for everyone and anything, is to be forgotten,” Hobayan explained. He said he approached the College about organizing the memorial service during Orientation Week, and was excited by faculty and staff encouragement.

Hobayan plans to go into the military after he receives his Bachelor’s Degree. He also comes from a military family, and has helped organize other memorial services through the American Legion Post. 

“I’ve had the fortune slash misfortune but mostly fortune to hear so many of these stories of survival among veterans or just people in general who have been through these terrible ordeals,” he said. Hobayan hopes that in future years he can expand the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony to include the surrounding communities.

Jamie Jordan '19

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