Areas on campus under construction due to unsafe walkways

The recently blocked off entrance to the pub with the caution tape surrounding it has led some students to worry. Maintenance workers, even employees at the pub, were also puzzled by the barriers. 

No, a crime was not committed outside of the pub—it is blocked off simply due to an issue with cracked stones. An outside contractor explained that they were responsible for the caution tape. He explained that it was due to the water freezing over and cracking the stones over winter.

Cracked stones pose a problem for the SLC community, as students and faculty alike must walk along these paths to traverse the campus. The pub is not the only area that was recently blocked off for renovation. Other areas undergoing work right now include the space outside of the PAC and the space beside Westlands. 

According to the contractor, this is done almost every year around spring time. With the increased number of students and tour groups, the college wants to play it safe and replace the stones to avoid tripping and potential injury.

by Joseph McFarland '16


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